Sunday, March 28, 2010

Created to...

I remember being amazed as a child the way the birds would arrive each year in late February or early March. The trees would stand bare against the grey skies with empty hands uplifted. Then, in an instant, the birds would come. I would hear the robins or crows-- whichever it happended to be that day-- and then watch as they settled, giving dark leaves to the stark oak trees.

I was reminded of this ritual a couple of weeks ago when I took two of the girls to choir practice. We stopped for a traffic light, and as we did, we were thrilled to see an amazing air show provided by a flock of birds. They truly astounded us with their complex patterns and their syncronicity. As the traffic light turned green and we pulled away, I began to think about how long it would take mankind to practice for such an air show. Even with weeks or months of practice with the best aircraft, the danger factor would be great. However, for the birds, this was spontaneous and without a single mishap.

Birds were created to fly. It's what they do. That day I experienced their expression of praise as they flew creatively and joyfully.

I think far too often we lose sight of what we were created to do. So here's the question: what were you created to do?