Monday, April 18, 2016

94 Toyota 4Runner Project (Part 1)

I drove a 4Runner in the early 1990's and was hooked. For 20-something years I wanted one. Finally, just over a year ago, I found one I could afford.

Thus, began the project...

When I bought it, it had an overheating issue. In fact, upon cranking it, water would pour out from the engine block.  Both the owner and I agreed that it needed a water pump, among other things.

It was almost a year before a well-respected mechanic-friend of mine had time to change the water pump and timing belt.  Easy enough, right?  Guess again.

After changing the water pump, the timing belt, and all of the other belts, water still poured forth from the water pump area.  Mr. J had to tear down the engine to discover than a 30mm freeze plug was rusted out in the front of the block (right behind where the water pump mounts). Once that remedied, the engine was reassembled. It now runs well, with no temperature issues.

Check back because there's plenty left to do before it's ready for the road.