Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Lucky Penny

I don't believe in luck- good or bad. If I did, I would be trying hard to get out from under a black cloud that's been hanging around for the last three weeks.

Two days ago, I stopped and reached for a tarnished penny on the sidewalk.
As I placed it in my pocket, the term lucky penny came to mind.  Growing up, that phrase was very commonplace. I would pick up a coin and wonder what good might come my way.  As an adult, I now know it is ridiculous to think finding a token on the ground will actually alter the future. I also have come to understand what is meant by the expression lucky penny.

Lucky is the person who finds the penny, right?  What do you mean by lucky? Well, let's use the term fortunate or profitable. Many people use these terms interchangeably in their minds. If they see someone who has prospered in his or her business, they think: he's lucky or she lucked out.

Many people don't want to accept that many hours, months and years went into the success.

And that leads us back to the lucky penny.

The penny was found because someone saw the opportunity and pursued it.  The new owner of that lucky penny was aware of her or his surroundings. He or she was paying attention to the details, and not just moving along unconsciously. And that is a lesson worth learning.

Opportunity exists for us all.  We just have to be willing to notice it and go after it.

As Seneca is often quoted: "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Are you looking for opportunities around you?

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