Sunday, October 30, 2011

Feast or Famine?

Last night my wife and I watched Episode 203 of The Endless Feast on pbs.  The episode was set in the Arkansas delta, and the accents were as wonderfully diverse as the dishes for the feast.  It was encouraging to see people who were enjoying their work and providing healthy, natural products to their community.

At the end of the episode, the various members of the community came to one long table to enjoy the meal. While I'm not criticizing the motives of the show, I must comment on the irony.  The meal was obviously fresh and delicious, and each person was rightfully proud of what she or he contributed; however, I was saddened by the absence of thanksgiving to the Creator-- from whose hand all of the food and drink was provided.  Perhaps this show is a fitting postmodern metaphor of where we are spiritually in America today-  feasting on all that satisfies for only a short time, and forgetting to invite the Invisible, Eternal, Immortal to the table.

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