Saturday, December 21, 2013

Great Music for the Season

CHRISTMAS (the album by husband and wife Phillips/Gullahorn) is a wonderfully pleasant surprise! Don't get me wrong, both Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn are gifted musicians, singers, and songwriters, but it's just another Christmas album, right? At first, I expected this would be... You know...the obligatory 8 to 10 songs, with standards everyone new twists, just jolly-jingle fun.

Not the case here. There are some classics, and there aren't many new twists on these, but the arrangements allow the lyrics to be heard in a new way. Plus, the original songs on the album are moving and powerful.

And...even if all of the other songs were horrible (which of course, they are not), the album would still be worth the price for the enhanced version of "It's Cold Outside." You've never heard this song so realistically done...especially between a husband and wife. Let's just say that gifting your wife with a less than desirable gift may be enough reason for a guy to be begging to come in even if it weren't cold outside. You've got to hear this version!

Download these 12 tracks and enjoy!

You can find the download available at The Rabbit Room or Amazon.

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