Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Unexpected Layoff (part 1) the Sequel: Trying to Avoid the Lloyd Dobler Effect

It seems that very few 18-year-olds really know what career they want to pursue.  That's expected.  When you're over forty; however, people think you should have it all figured out.  Granted, some people have found a great match between what they enjoy and how to earn a living doing it.  Others haven't.  It's very important not to lose sight of the fact that life is a journey, not an event.  Sure, there are events along the way, but they just lead to other events, as well as times of struggle and transitional periods.

One of the craziest paradoxes in life is our struggle against ourselves, primarily our pride.  My pride thinks it must be all together, all the time.  It tells me I must have all the answers to any questions; that I must be ahead of the curve in anything "cool" or "hip."   While our pride promises to protect us, the truth is that it becomes a shackle.  It becomes a facade that shields the real person inside.

So, the next time you find yourself getting the career question-- and you're not quite sure of what most people would consider an acceptable answer; don't try to fight the Lloyd Dobler Effect-- fearing what others might think.  Be like Lloyd.  Be real.  Be authentic.  Tell your pride to take a seat because the only way you will figure out a "good fit" is to be yourself.

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