Friday, May 18, 2012

The Unexpected Layoff (pt. 5): A Question of Faith

Everyone has faith.  Faith that the bed will hold me when I fall into it at night.  Faith that the car will get me across the intersection in front of the oncoming traffic.  Faith that my pharmacist gave me the right dosage. And the list goes on.

The question for each one of us is not do we have faith?, rather in whom (or what) do I place my faith?

It's all too easy to place your faith in a job or career.  I've been reminded of that with the recent layoff.  I had a "permanent" job in education with a state agency.  How much more secure could a job be?  (Laughter here)  The truth is that nothing in this world is secure in and of itself.  Our idea of "job security" is a mirage.  I don't say this in order to bring anxious thoughts, but to help put things in perspective.  We should work hard, we should always do our best, and we should place our faith in Jesus Christ, who is the only unfailing, unchanging rock of salvation.  Trust Him.  He alone is worthy.

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